The most unique feature of Summer 2015 was indisputably the 40-Day workshop for young Blessed couples, taking place in Seattle, WA for the first 20 days and in Seoul, Korea for the latter in conjunction with the Jr. Leadership Task Force workshop.

The US portion consisted of Divine Principle education, lectures on harashi-kiho-sanoFather’s course, a Core Values seminar and an adventure hike — all geared toward helping the young couples understand God’s expectations for Blessed Families and make a determination to build ideal families based on God’s ideal of Creation.

“I’m saying that first and foremost in order to be qualified as mature men and women to receive the Blessing, you first have to establish a relationship with Heavenly Father…The ideal situation is that two individuals, a young man and a young woman, reach a state of spiritual maturity where they want to make an offering to Heavenly Father. And it is upon that condition of offering that God blesses them in the ceremony of the Blessing centered upon the vertical axial line that God can bless them to stand in the position of husband and wife and recognize that union eternally.”
– Hyun Jin Nim (2015.07.01)

john-hyangmi-yakawichThe second half of the workshop was an opportunity for young couples to practice and experience what they learned by acting as role models for their younger brothers and sisters in the Jr. LTF workshop. Many Jr. LTF participants have commented that having their Blessed elder siblings join them has encouraged them to grow as God’s true sons and daughters in preparation for their own Blessing. The Blessed couples are determined to set a new precedent of receiving the Blessing for the greater good of humanity and offering their lives to creating families that inspire others.

Here is a testimony from one of the 40-day workshop participants:

“This workshop definitely reassured that everything starts from God. God’s purpose determines our value. We are created by God, out of His true love, within His principles and values, for the purpose of us creating ideal families that eventually create an ideal world that is filled with true love and happiness (families and a world where He can freely and fully interact with us because our hearts are like His.)


Ohnshil Kim (right) completing the Divine Principle study portion of the 40-Day Workshop.

We have such great examples like True Father and Hyun Jin Nim. Nevertheless, I’ve realized from looking back and seeing what happened in our movement and where we are now, that it is not enough to be relieved and grateful that we have these examples. What we lacked were first, knowing clearly what God’s purpose of creation is, understanding his ideal and expectations of us and like Hyun Jin Nim says many times, having alignment and ownership, absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. It is our responsibility to learn from Father and Hyun Jin Nim about the kind of attitude, perspective and heart they have when facing life and how they, despite everything, continue to walk strongly a path for God and practice that in our daily lives–to be like them instead of passively following them.”
– Ohnshil Kim (24)