Core Values Academy (CVA) and Core Values Life (CVL) made an entrance for the 2016-2017 academic year this Fall.

CVA Seattle children show off their hand prints

CVA in Seattle began the first day with a collaborative project between CVA Elementary students and their older brothers and sisters to answer the question, “What can I contribute to CVA this year?” Young and older wrote their answers on cutouts of their traced hands and combined it onto the CVA Tree that will decorate the community center all year long.

Middle and High School CVA, now beginning with joint activities between both classes, combines fun and mentorship before diving into discussion groups on life of faith, identity, destiny, and much more. This year, CVA is bringing more focus on the aspect of SERVICE and emphasizing the importance of parent and community involvement.

CVA New York/New Jersey gathers at the community park for family activities

Families from New York and New Jersey started off the CVA year with activities for parents and children. After setting internal and external goals, the families had time to share reflections and play together at a local park. Families plan on gathering every other week for education, activities, and reflection. Heavy parent involvement is a key to making these gatherings productive and relevant to Blessed children education as the community looks to the future.

Core Value Life (CVL) for college students and young professionals started strong with an exciting lecture and discussion led by Mr. Patrick Nolan. The first presentation pinpointed the topic: Culture VS. Structure. Those outside WA state are able to participate through online hangouts hosted by FPA USA Director of Blessed Children Education, Kenshu Aoki. CVL is a platform for young adults to engage in mentorship, service, in-depth Divine Principle studies and discussion, and education and adventure workshops.