“This group is about creating an environment of caring. This building of fellowship is where the real impact happens. It starts with sharing a meal and then sharing what we value and what we are passionate about.” – Ken Bates

Seattle community parent, Ken Bates welcomes families to the weekly parent meeting.

In an effort to establish an honest, open platform for parents to address important topics in the Seattle community, Saturday meetings for parents were set up in conjunction with the meeting times for Middle and High School CVA. Special thanks goes out to Ken Bates who volunteered to coordinate these gatherings.

Now in it’s second month, the Parents Meetings are a time for current and future parents to get to know other members of the community more deeply and take an active role in supporting each other’s spiritual growth. Parents alternate providing a delicious potluck for the CVA kids, volunteers, and other parents, making the gathering a warm, exciting place to spend a weekend evening with friends and family.