CVA Principal Maruko Breland asks students if they are ready to graduate

Students, teachers, parents and Family Peace Association staff and volunteers came together on June 25 to celebrate the completion of another year for Core Values Academy (CVA). Children from CVA Kindergarten through Grade 6 participated in the graduation ceremony for CVA Elementary with songs, presentations of what they learned, and gifts for the volunteer teachers, without whom CVA could not have happened. FPA USA President, Mr. Howard Self, asked students what they learned and received an array of responses. One student reminded her classmates about the theme of the year saying, “We learned about taking ownership over our spiritual growth!”

Others chimed in with their insight, mentioning the lessons of teamwork, respect, and true love in living for the sake of others.

CVA will continue in the Fall for the 2017-2018 academic year. In the meantime, children and young adults will be participating in a variety of programs to nurture their leadership qualities and define their vision for our global family. Check out the Jr. Leadership Task Force and stay updated on the latest news to learn more!